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frequently asked questions


What does made to order mean?

It means it doesn't exist yet and that I will make it exclusively for you when you order.

What is it made of?

I use 100% cotton wax print deadstock fabric.

How long does it take to complete an order?

Every made to order piece is handmade after you make the order so I need 2 weeks before can I ship. The ready to wear pieces will be shipped faster, around 2 days later.

Do you offer free shipping?

We give free shipping for international orders over 100 euros and for EU orders over 50 euros. Here in Spain always free.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship internationally for an extra charge.

Where are your product made?

They are handmade in Spain.

How does your sizing work?

Our designs are adjustable. We have a size guide in the page of the product for you to be sure what to order.

How do I wash and care for my capicúa pieces?

Cotton wax is an hiper-pigmented fabric. We recomend to wash separately with cold water. Don't leave it soaking. Also, tie the strips together before putting in the washing mashine.

What is the return policy?

This pieces are made to order to your size and taste, so we don't accept returns.

The Brand

Capicúa means head and tail. An old word that has magical meanings in the Celtic tribes of northern Spain. Refers to numbers and words that are read the same from left to right that from right to left.
We works with color and prints. Print is an important cultural heritage for Cubans and color is something we are not afraid to use. But gravity is the mayor inspiration, how this bidimensional material reacts to body, movement and the planets attraction. Everything changes when you let fabric react to its surroundings.
Capicúa is a brand that wants to try to do thing different. It has several rules to ensure sustainability and try to solve problems in the fashion industry.
We use deadstock wax and basin fabrics bought in Africa which comes in thousands of different prints and textures. When we cut the pattern layout, we layer different prints, and the result is an uncostly way of doing unique garments. Each print is used only ones in a design.
We don't use any kind of accessories; our pieces are only made of one type of fabric. This ensures that it will be easier and cheaper to recycle.
We developed our own patterning technique to create pieces of clothing that have no textile waste in order to use all the carbon footprint created in the production of the fabrics.
Coming from the tropics we only use dead stock natural fibers, and we especially love cotton.
The pieces are design to englobe at least 12cm difference in measurements. The human body, especially the female body, is alive and the clothing should adapt to you and your natural changes through time.
We make happy clothing, visible from miles, colorful as the place we come from.
Timeless design is not simple design, is design with character and that doesn't go out of style.
The inside of the garment must be as pretty and clean as the outside.